Shameen Randika Dharmasena, Edirisooriya Arachchige Tharanga Suresh

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26687/archnet-ijar.v12i2.1547


The Road Landscape creates the character and the spatial quality for safe driving. It is evident that the spatial qualities of the road landscape have impacted on road accidents once the field data is analyzed. Identification of accident-prone areas (Black-Spots) is the vital factor for road safety management process. The study focused on to developing a methodology to visually analyze road landscape with using identified Black-Spots in Southern Expressway, Sri Lanka. Data is collected and analyzed as two phases; one is from recorded accidents data and other from a live recording of the expressway driving stretch. This study highlighted the possibilities of analyzing the identified ‘Black-spots’ by using Photo-Fixation method. In conclusion, the study emphasizes the possibility of using a qualitative methodology to analyze the road landscape through spatial characteristics; which can be developed up to a more advanced level to identifying driving behavior related accidents and to take migratory actions.


Road safety; black-spot; driving behavior; road landscape

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