Yasemin Alkışer, Yurdanur Dülgeroğlu Yüksel, Gülçin Pulat Gökmen



The paper aims to find criteria for appraising the existing urban transformation projects in view of capacity, quality and participation. The way of developing processes affecting the urban zone transformed as (1) socio-culturally and (2) physically is discussed within a case study, called Zeytinburnu. It is the oldest squatter settlement in Istanbul and represents the first project implementation area of squatter housing rehabilitation in the nation. In the last decade, urban transformation has found a way to have the pilot project in the Zeytinburnu region. Throughout its examination, it has been possible to put into perspective the national housing policy and local strategies. Architects, researchers and other professionals in the field, when they design such large-scale urban transformation projects, must understand the issue of the rapid growth of developing cities, which are at the same time trying to become global cities; and generate alternatives, which are sustainable and economical, as well as fit for the community and formal authorities. It is then hoped that some generalized principles of evaluation with strategies flexible enough to match diverse and complex urban problems will be arrived at, which in turn be a direct feedback on the beginning of the planning process.


Urban transformation; participation; spatial quality

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