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The Bosporus is a unique place with its traditional architecture. The construction of new buildings along the Bosporus coast line are forbidden and only reconstructions of demolished original historic buildings are possible. Since 1984 legal authorities act different legislations about these reconstructions. Until 2005 the legislation gives permission for the usage of any structural material unless the overall appearance is the same as the original building. But after 2005 the legislation changed and the usage of original structural material became mandatory. The underlying reason of this is to protect the originality and authenticity of the Bosporus buildings both with their appearances and construction techniques. But the practical output became promoting the constructers for making the reconstructions without following the approved reconstruction projects or changing the reconstructions afterwards. In this paper structural system, external wall, window, and roof alternatives for reconstructions are compared and contrasted by evaluating the performance requirements. Examples of inappropriate reconstructions are documented and a tentative proposal is made for the reconstructions of the Bosporus region.


Construction Techniques; Structure; Building Elements; Residential Housing; Bosporus

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